We will approach this question by asking if you are you tracking assets and equipment or people? Then, we ask you to breakdown your assets into categories, such as, IT equipment, Furniture, Clothing, Tools, etc.    Then, we will ask if each category of assets is metal or not,  like tools, electronics, IT equipment, etc. We want to know about the size of the item and how the tag will be affixed.  When it comes to RFID Tags, in most cases, one tag does not fit all.  The WiseTrack Team maintains a comprehensive list of global RFID Tag Manufacturers, the properties, photos, and various test results on or off metal.   This information is free to all our customers and its part of our Best Practices Approach to Asset Tracking.   WiseTrack works with and tests tags from the top tag manufacturers in the world.  the goal is to group similar asset categories and acquire one tag for those assets.

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