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Track Assets with Smartphones

WiseTrack® Mobility Server is software that bolts onto the WiseTrack® Framework and allows Asset Tracking and Management functions to be performed from virtually any Smartphone or Tablet.

Search for Assets

Add Assets

Scan Bar Codes

Use Built-in Camera add photos 

Powerful search tools allows you to select fields and specify search criteria from drop down lists.  Select fields to view or hide.

So much Asset Tracking power,  right in your pocket.

Track Assets Using Your Smartphone & WiseTrack®

Scan Bar Codes

Use your Smartphone to scan Bar Codes on Assets and lookup the details in WiseTrack, in Real-time via the secure connection to the SQL Database.

Add Photos

Using your built-in camera, capture photos of the Asset, or components and easily save them with the details in your WiseTrack Asset Repository.

Photo of Documents

Use your Smartphone camera to take pictures of invoices, warranty documents, or service and maintenance paperwork. Easily upload these details to your WiseTrack database, right from your Smartphone.