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Check Assets Out or In From Anywhere.

Using the Bluetooth Batch Mode feature in WiseTrack® you can track assets from anywhere – connected or not.

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Zebra Li3678

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[icon_3 icon=”icon-plus” title=”Scan large assets”]Assets are too large to bring to the check-in check-out counter – how do you manage the process without having to physically move the asset? With the WiseTrack® Bluetooth Batch mode feature you can scan any size asset from hundreds of feet away from the computer.[/icon_3]
[icon_3 icon=”icon-th” title=”Too many assets”]Sometimes there are just too many assets to bring back to the check out counter. It would be way easier if you could take the scanner to all of these assets.[/icon_3]
[icon_3 icon=”icon-map-marker” title=”Assets are far away”]The last thing you want to do is bring a number of assets in remote locations to your computer only to have to bring them all back. You save hours of time by scanning them at their far away locations.[/icon_3]
[icon_3 icon=”icon-truck” title=”Relocate assets”]When you have assets that need to be relocated from one location to another, typically you need to bring them back to your computer first and then take them to their new location. With the new WiseTrack® Batch Mode feature you can use the scanner to relocate without ever going back to your computer.[/icon_3]
[icon_3 icon=”icon-power-off” title=”No power. No problem.”]One of the biggest challenges is performing inventory or scanning assets without power or wifi. Without using highly expensive mobile computers this has always been next to impossible. But with the new WiseTrack® Batch Mode feature, inventory and scanning can be done with out power of wifi.[/icon_3]
[icon_3 icon=”icon-wifi” title=”No wifi. No problem.”]If your assets are located in a ‘dead’ zone – no Wi-Fi, no cellular data – how can you manage these assets? All asset tracking software needs some type of connection. Well, except WiseTrack® when using the Batch Mode feature.[/icon_3]

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Zebra 3600 Series Ultra Rugged Scanners

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