How WiseTrack Brings It All Together

WiseTrack brings essential advantages to any of your Asset Tracking Projects:

  • The core of WiseTrack’s software is how everything is centralized, and organized with absolute integrity due to the quality design of our software.
  • WiseTrack  Software works with leading computer systems and mobile devices.
  • Our software is Built to run tested-proven Microsoft, Web and Mobile Platforms.
  • WiseTrack provides the flexibility to identify what you need now, the tools you plan to use, and the comfort and satisfaction of knowing you have flexibility, as WiseTrack is “future-proof.”

We challenge any company to match the features and value of WiseTrack when combined with its Bar Code and RFID Partners, to offer an Easy to Use and Powerful Asset Tracking Solution.

We provide quality design, best practices, interfacing with the equipment you want to use and a capabilities-driven organization behind WiseTrack.

WiseTrack brings an essential advantage to your Asset Tracking Project.

Start tracking your assets with WiseTrack.



A comprehensive database used to identify your Asset and use Bar Code, and/or RFID to track it. The details can be simple or advanced, including any user fields you need to add or links to external data.


A detailed and well-structured SQL Database with Asset Tracking Best Practice and location naming conventions are used to not where each asset is located, assigned, or where it was last seen. The Location details can be simple or as granular as a shelf in a room.


When assets are assigned to personnel or Checked-Out to a person or group, the Users are part of the central WiseTrack system. Use WiseTrack Active Directory Services or import Tools to automatically import Users from your Enterprise HR System, directly to WiseTrack.