Track Assets using Wireless Devices and WiseTrack Wireless Software


WiseTrack® Wireless Server

WiseTrack® Wireless Server is a web service running on top of Microsoft® IIS which allows rugged Windows Mobile devices running WiseTrack® AppGen to interact with Wisetrack® data in Real-time.

Whether you are doing an inventory, adding  or moving assets, changes can be made on the fly or uploaded in batch at a later time without the need to visit a docking station.  

WiseTrack® Wireless Server is a must have when realtime access to asset information is required via rugged Windows Mobile devices.

The Wireless Network is up-to-you and may include Wi-Fi or other WWAN configurations.  

Contact us for more details on wireless connectivity and technical specifications.

Track assets over WiFi network with WiseTrack Wireless Server

Real-time Asset Tracking with WiseTrack® Wireless Server.