Asset Tracking Cloud

Asset Tracking Cloud
Based – SAAS

Host your WiseTrack® RFID and bar code asset tracking software in the cloud. Instantly track your assets from anywhere.

Asset Tracking Cloud

Minimal to No IT Required

With the WiseTrack® Asset Tracking Cloud, we can have your asset tracking solution up and running quickly. No need to bother your IT department with setup and maintenance.

Track Assets From Anywhere

Track Assets From Anywhere

Having your RFID asset tracking solution in the Cloud gives you maximum flexibility. Track your assets from anywhere – in real time.

Data Security and Recovery

Secure & Recoverable Data

Complete redundancy and scheduled back ups keep your data safe and secure. The WiseTrack® Asset Tracking Cloud offers absolute peace of mind.

Our customers track everything from sports equipment and computers to work site equipment and shipping containers from our Cloud hosted solution.

Give The WiseTrack® Asset Tracking Cloud A Try

Tracking Assets In The Cloud
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WiseTrack Core is Asset Tracking Software built on best-practices with an Easy to Use & familiar Microsoft Windows interface. Learn more about the features and benefits in WiseTrack Core.


Use mobile computers to equip your team with the devices they need to successfully track and manage equipment and gear inside the building, off-site, or when taking inventory of the fleet assets.


RFID Tags are very important to any successful tracking solution. We help confirm the industry-leading tags designed for the job at the best value are available to you. Our extensive list of tag research and the in-house tag database is made available to WiseTrack Customers.


RFID Readers and Antennas combine to provide the leading edge method to track and manage Law Enforcement Assets in Real-time. Learn about readers, antennas, and how they can help to save time and increase efficiency.


A tested and proven and cost-effective way to tag assets and manually check them out or back into the equipment area. Learn about the proper barcode tags and all the available fixed and portable Bar Code scanners to speed up data entry and virtually eliminate all errors.


View photos from Actual Law Enforcement Implementations to see what RFID Antennas look like, their size and how they may be configured in your environment. These are real photos from actual WiseTrack / Motorola implementations.

Police Inventory and Quartermaster System

Managing day-to-day inventory is simplified using an organized software system to manage inventory on-hand and what was assigned to an officer and when.

Law Enforcement and Police Equipment Checkout System

Law Enforcement decides how to check-out and check-in their equipment.

Medical Equipment Tracking for Pandemic Outbreak COVID-19 novel Coronavirus Situations

A comprehensive and fast to setup – cloud-based tracking solution for assets, medical equipment, and medical supplies received, distributed and moved around the world.