Bar Code Scanning & Labels


Bar Code Scanning

W iseTrack is ready to go with Bar Code Scanning Technology, right out of the box.

The next generation in 1D scanning, the Motorola Best-in-Class corded 1D Linear imager is truly linear imaging done right.

These scanners are rugged, reliable, fast and can be connected, via USB, to your PC or Laptop and you are ready to scan. Start adding assets, or performing Check-Out Transactions with such ease and accuracy.

We invite you to request a demo or watch a video on how they work.

Bar Code Labels

L abels are very important to Asset Tracking.

The correct symbology, and density of code and ample quiet-zone (white space on the ends) can make scanning a dream or have you bang it on the desk.  If there is one thing we know it’s Bar Coding.  We have been tracking assets with Bar Codes for over 20 years.

Barcodes can be low-cost print your own, or professional quality indestructible poly, tamper-proof or rugged foil.  The adhesive is key too, or they just peel off.

Our Sales Team will make sure the right labels are in our proposal to you, and even send you samples to try out.


Portable Bar Code Scanning

P ortable Computers include state-of-the-art scanning technology to read all types of Asset Bar Codes and save the data into memory or to send wirelessly to WiseTrack.

Give Asset Managers and task workers everything they need to take WiseTrack Asset Tracking with Motorola Mobile Computers anywhere.

Visit our Portable Computer Section to see More Details.

Track Assets with WiseTrack & Bar Code Technology.



WiseTrack Core is professional Asset Management Software to Track assets with Bar Coding. Built into WiseTrack are numerous Bar Code features including a robust Asset Check-Out and Check-In module used by Major companies with a high volume of Transactions.

Mobile Computers

Motorola Portable scanners are a proven answer to mobile asset tracking, inventory and overall data collection. The Mobile Computers are rugged, dependable, come with Windows Mobile Operating System and run WiseTrack Mobile Software (Batch and Wireless).


Track assets with wireless handheld devices using custom data collection programs you make yourself – without any programming. This powerful tool allows virtually endless possibilities for data collection/updating with the Asset Database.