Education & School Asset Management

WiseTrack school asset management can be used to manage Facility, IT and Lab Equipment assigned to multiple classrooms, buildings and campuses.

Portable and fixed RFID hardware | RFID Tags | Enterprise Grade Software



W iseTrack’s school asset management system for assigning assets to Faculty and Students with professional Check-Out/Check-In features and the ability to inventory/move assets with mobile computers.

A familiar Microsoft Windows Interface, Web or Mobile Devices can be used to easily manage the assets through their lifecycle.   Also included is commercial-grade integration tools for importing/exporting to other systems.

We invite you to contact us for details, diagrams or a demonstration of the system in action.

K-12 School Asset Management

W iseTrack School Asset Management Software is a complete package that does not break the budget and offers a reliable and tested solution for maintaining accurate asset details.

Easily control your asset moves, adds, and changes and confirm inventory using mobile devices with 100’s of professional compliance reports included.



W ith the provided professional importing and integration tools, WiseTrack®’s school asset management can put you in control of what you have, where it is and who is responsible for it.  Easily track a variety of assets from Furniture and Vehicles to IT and Lab equipment.

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Track and Control Assets with Ease using WiseTrack.



WiseTrack Core is Professional Asset Management Software to track your assets from acquisition until retirement. As a well-thought-out database, WiseTrack is the Easy-to-Use central database with asset details. Manages what assets you have, where they are, who uses them, and all costs and key dates.


Apply Tracking Bar Codes to the assets and equipment then use various devices to capture and transfer the data to the database. Bar Coding will confirm each asset is unique. Using mobile computers, save hours of time when moving items or performing an inventory.


With portable and mobile computers running WiseTrack Data Collection Software, your team can quickly perform a number of Asset Management Workflows and keep all the data in harmony with the entire enterprise. The devices range from SmartPhones to rugged industrial grade units with world-class features.


WiseTrack WebServer Software is a separate application that connects to your WiseTrack Core Software and to Microsoft SQL Server. The product is 100% web and is optimized for browser based access, secure and for can manage large asset lists. No software to install, all you need is a web browser and login credentials.


RFID Technology can save time by allowing assets to be tagged and to track their movement, or location with portable RFID Readers or by using fixed RFID Portals. When assets move about the building or from one campus to another, the RFID tags are picked up automatically and the asset visibility is updated in WiseTrack.


Asset Management is a Process and confirming the data schema, information flow and documenting the workflows to track and manage assets through the lifecycle is important. We help define what’s best and a process that is easy to use & works.