Law Enforcement – Police Asset Tracking

Use Wisetrack in a law enforcement environment to track officer equipment use in the field, using a traditional bar code checkout or RFID technologies.

Portable and fixed RFID hardware | RFID Tags | Enterprise Grade Software

Portable Radio Tracking


“The Asset”

Using WiseTrack® it is possible to add and track any type of police equipment. Including items such as portable radios, weapons, electronics, computer equipment, cameras and more.

Location Based Asset Tracking


“The Last Seen Location”

Track assets at any location – from where they were to where they have been moved to. Locations can be anywhere – including equipment rooms, weapons lockers, vehicles, repair shops or even permanently assigned to members.

Asset Tracking Member


“The Member Who Was Last Seen With It”

Any person who is responsible for an asset can be added to the WiseTrack® system. This includes all police members, admin, IT staff – anyone who might be using, checking out or assigned to an asset.


A Professional System for Tracking Police Assets

W iseTrack can be used with Barcode Equipment to scan the badge and code on each item, or hands-free, using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), without having to stop to sign out; speeding up this entire daily process.

WiseTrack is a comprehensive and affordable solution to track and manage police assets and equipment.  A centralized database makes it easy to organize and track accountability for items such as; Portables, Police Gear, use-of-force assets, Vehicles and Quartermaster Inventory.

Check-Out & Check-In Equipment with this Industry-leading system. WiseTrack® can be configured for over-counter check-out, or hands-free without supervision using RFID.

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Always know where your Police Equipment Is

B ecause each item is tagged and tracked in the database, it is easy to know where it is now or who had it yesterday or last week.  Every checkout or walk-thru an RFID portal is a transaction record in WiseTrack.  The lifecycle details on any piece of equipment is a few clicks to a report.

The system can be set up to show locations for equipment rooms, vehicles, storage areas for exhibits and inventory locations for quartermaster inventory.  When defining the mandatory location where an asset is found, the name can range from an entire building to something as granular as a shelf in an equipment room.

Law Enforcement Asset Tracking

Who has the equipment now and what is overdue?

W hether an Officer is assigned equipment for a permanent issue, long-term or just for the day, WiseTrack record who has each item and log a transaction in the database.

WiseTrack’s law enforcement asset tracking system provides a complete chain-of-custody reporting system for all assets.

With RFID, WiseTrack can also show who was last seen with the asset and when, a possible time saver when searching for those missing car keys or a lost radio, for example.

Items currently checked out or on-watch can be viewed in WiseTrack with a simple click.  It is easy to see any outstanding equipment, when it is due (based on your customizable due times) and who has it.

Get Started With Police Asset Tracking

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Control Assets and Equipment with WiseTrack.



WiseTrack Core is Asset Tracking Software built on best-practices with an Easy to Use & familiar Microsoft Windows interface. Learn more about the features and benefits in WiseTrack Core.


Use mobile computers to equip your team with the devices they need to successfully track and manage equipment and gear inside the building, off-site, or when taking inventory of the fleet assets.


RFID Tags are very important to any successful tracking solution. We help confirm the industry-leading tags designed for the job at the best value are available to you. Our extensive list of tag research and the in-house tag database is made available to WiseTrack Customers.


RFID Readers and Antennas combine to provide the leading edge method to track and manage Law Enforcement Assets in Real-time. Learn about readers, antennas, and how they can help to save time and increase efficiency.


A tested and proven and cost-effective way to tag assets and manually check them out or back into the equipment area. Learn about the proper barcode tags and all the available fixed and portable Bar Code scanners to speed up data entry and virtually eliminate all errors.


View photos from Actual Law Enforcement Implementations to see what RFID Antennas look like, their size and how they may be configured in your environment. These are real photos from actual WiseTrack / Motorola implementations.

Police Inventory and Quartermaster System

Managing day-to-day inventory is simplified using an organized software system to manage inventory on-hand and what was assigned to an officer and when.

Law Enforcement and Police Equipment Checkout System

Law Enforcement decides how to check-out and check-in their equipment.