Military Asset Tracking

Use WiseTrack in a Military environment to track Electronics, Information Technology to Weapons and Safety Equipment.

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ACAMS is a military asset tracking Web Application used to track various Army owned intermodal assets.


If you are an existing user of this system, please contact the SDDC or the AIDPMO office.

Military Asset Tracking

WiseTrack® is a complete Military Asset Tracking Solution to help track everything from Electronics, Information Technology to Weapons and Safety Equipment.  WiseTrack® is compatible with mobile devices, Bar Coding, UID Codes and a variety of RFID Technologies.

We are experts in creating tools to help track of valuable items you don’t want to lose.  Success solution in use at Army, Navy and Air Force bases and Theaters of Operations, around the world.

Military Asset Tracking System by WiseTrack


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ACAMS (Army Container Asset Management System)

ACAMS is customized WiseTrack Military Asset Tracking Software used by the United States Army –  Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), Army Intermodal Deployment Management Office (AIDPMO) for the purpose of capturing and tracking all Army Owned Intermodal Assets.

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Track Your Military Assets, Equipment & ISO Containers.



Track Military Assets and Equipment with Bar Code Technology and WiseTrack. Apply Bar Codes to equipment and easily manage the inventory or check-out items using the scanners.


Use the commercial and proven software application used by Military to track and manage assets.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and mobile or fixed readers can be used to tag and track various Military Assets. With RFID Items can be automatically tracked when removed from the building.