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RFID Asset Tracking Industries

Law Enforcement

WiseTrack’s® centralized database makes it easy to organize and know what you are accountable for. Track items such as; Radios, Cell Phones, Police Gear, electronics, high-risk assets, Vehicles and almost anything else you want.Check-Out & Check-In Equipment with this Industry-leading system. WiseTrack® can be configured for over-counter check-out, in-person, or hands-free without supervision using RFID.


Wisetrack® is a proven RFID asset management solution for FEDERAL, STATE/PROVINCIAL, and LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. By integrating best asset tracking practices, Bar Coding & RFID, WiseTrack® offers a complete and comprehensive RFID asset tracking solution for your government agency.

Utilities and Tools

Quickly getting tools out of the door and into the hands of your technicians is a profitable process. But not at the expense of losing track of your expensive tools and technology. WiseTrack® offers world-leading RFID solutions for staffed and unstaffed tool rooms.

Factories & Warehouses

In the middle of the chaos and confusion of a busy factory floor, you need to keep track of your assets. RFID asset tracking solutions allow you to keep the pace up while not losing high value assets and inventory.

Fire Departments

Maintaining an up to date inventory for all of your fire and first response items is critical. Having expired tools and medicines can literally create a life or death situation. So when the alarm rings, you need to have the confidence that your equipment is up to date and ready for the next call.

IT & Computers

Keeping track of high value IT assets and computers are at the top of any organizations list of ways to control costs. Through the implementation of a world-leading RFID asset tracking solution, you can be sure that all of your IT assets are being managed and tracked.


RFID Asset Tracking Equipment

When you want to save time and know where to find business assets, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment connects to your network and updates information in real-time.

RFID Tracking Equipment will automatically update the location and visibility of your assets in the WiseTrack Database.

With over 10 years of successful asset tracking software implementations, our Award Winning RFID Team understands the importance of quality and reliability to every Asset Tracking Solution.

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