Ultra Fast Law Enforcement Inventory Counting

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Police Chief's Guide to RFID Asset Tracking

Ultra Fast Law Enforcement Inventory

Police Fleet Inventory

When police equipment is deployed to a police car, supervisor vehicle or trailer it is important to know it is there when you need it. Now it’s easy and fast to search the database for all equipment assigned to a specific vehicle, and with modern data collection technology, you know it’s accurate. Simply scan the vehicle bar code from the reference sheet or scan its VIN# then scan items in the trunk or cabin of the vehicle. Easily track everything from special police equipment to safety gear using fast and accurate law enforcement inventory solutions.

Police Equipment Inventory

Law enforcement inventory ranging from consumable items and clothing to batteries, USB drives or Narcan Kits can be tracked at an inventory on-hand level. A single UPC bar code represents the item and the process of scanning to count inventory levels is a quick and easy task. The back-end of WiseTrack will notify you when stock levels are getting low or below their minimum on-hand levels.

Police Evidence Tracking

Evidence can be bagged and tagged with a unique bar code which can be stuck to a container or affixed in a variety of ways. The evidence is then scanned into a storage inventory location until it is checked-out for use or sent somewhere. The details of the evidence can include multiple reference data fields, photos, video clips and any other attached document. Each time the evidence bar code is scanned (moved, checked out, checked-in) the date/time user who received or returned it is captured in the detailed transaction database in WiseTrack.

A true tracking solution which offers fully integrated barcode and/or RFID data collection. An easy to use yet powerful and comprehensive solution to track and control police equipment and law enforcement inventory. Using modern data collection technology will save time and money and update the central source of information. The WiseTrack system helps to confirms control and accountability while making it easy to do.


Not only is the system easy to learn and use it is fast to perform an inventory update. With connected or batch barcode scanners, the information is quickly scanned and uploaded to the computer system. The inventory workflow is explained on 1 sheet of paper.


Barcoding removes data entry errors and the software confirms all the data is correct. This helps to deliver an accurate report of your on-hand inventory and the equipment and assets assigned to police vehicles.

No Connectivity / Wireless

In many cases WiFi or Bluetooth are not allowed by the IT Authorities. In these cases, this process is as simple as plugging in a digital camera. Take the data entry device to the equipment or inventory and scan the barcodes. The data collected is sent back to WiseTrack once the device is connected to the PC and the WiseTrack software does the updating and accuracy validation.

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