Asset Tracking Integration

WiseTrack® Software is easily and fully customizable to support Asset Tracking Integration within any system in different industries.

We have accumulated many years of experience in this field which gives us the ability to create flexible tools on various platforms (desktop, Web, Mobile) that can be easily adjusted to the way you manage your assets.

In addition to Open Architecture benefits provided by Microsoft® SQL Server®, WiseTrack®includes Data importing Tools and Web Services to harmonize information from other systems with WiseTrack® SQL Server® Data.

Our Best Practice Approach can confirm, before buying WiseTrack,® how to interface with other systems and to define a system built to last.


Start tracking your assets with WiseTrack.



Almost unlimited number of user-defined fields could be created in WiseTrack. This allows to fully customize asset repository and facilitate integration with external HR and Financial systems.


WiseTrack includes very flexible and powerful searching engine that allows end users to build fully customizable search criteria and helps to tackle the most difficult aspects of Asset management like warranty, assets checked out to people and other organizations, financial data, etc.. Search criteria could be designed and saved for quick later reuse.


WiseTrack includes a built-in module infrastructure, that allows expanding the program’s functionality by building new modules that can plug into WiseTrack inheriting security and other system configurations.