Asset Tracking Technologies

Each WiseTrack® Solution is built to use best-of-class Bar Code Technologies and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ReadersMobile Computers and RFID Tags.  We work hard to recognize market shifts before they happen and get in early to adopt new technologies and learn how they work.

With annual R&D investments, our goal is to select the best, test the solution and document Asset Tracking Best Practices using WiseTrack® and Asset Tracking Technologies.

Bar Code: We are a Zebra Partner and align to Provide leading-edge solutions to all our customers.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID): The next generation of standards-based RFID technology solutions work with WiseTrack. Our RFID Partners are the best of the Fixed Readers, Mobile Computers and RFID Tags for Tracking and Managing Assets. WiseTrack®ties it all together into an Easy to Use Solution that saves time and reduces ownership costs.

Designed to Save Time and Increase Efficiency.



Discover the latest fixed and mobile UHF GEN2 RFID readers used with WiseTrack asset tracking software.


A tested and proven way to track and trace the location of assets with professional barcode labels, and mobile scanning equipment.


Use mobile computer to equip your team with the device they need to successfully track and manage organizational assets inside the 4 walls, or on-the-go. Mobile Computers with WiseTrack AppGen Software allow you to build custom data collection programs, without programming. The devices can save the data to memory and be synchronized with a PC, or used with a Wireless Network.