Some history of what we were doing with RFID over a decade ago.

1. We built early generation smart shelves with RFID to know what’s where and when it is removed.  “When the person checks out, the system is updated so that when the customer passes the exit reader, no alarm sounds.”   – John Shoemaker, VP development, Matrics

2. We were chosen by IBM  to work with forthcoming IBM AssetID technology in partnership with HID.  The idea: every IBM Thinkpad included a passive RFID tag in the motherboard and deactivated the PC if removed without authorization.

Also, a program with details of the O/S and applications to push onto the system when connected to the LAN (without taking it out of the box).    Link to IBM AssetID News

3. Mobile software to read multiple Passive RFID Tags in Real-time and testing various substrates to maximize reads on metal surfaces.    Link to YouTube Video. 

Thought Leaders in RFID Tracking

For nearly two decades our Research and Development Team worked with Active RFID, Long Range Wireless Tags and built tightly integrated software solutions with these technologies.

Before all the Walmart and DoD pressure on Vendors to supply materials tagged with ePC Gen2 passive tags, we were building software with Intermec, Honeywell, Matrics (which became Symbol and is now Motorola), IBM, HID and Alien.

Much like those fix-it guys we also buy things and rip them apart to fully understand how they work.

Through years of amicable relationships with our RFID hardware and tag partners, we tested and acquired RFID Tags, Readers, Mobile Devices in real-time implementations.

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