Mobile Computers & Asset Tracking



W ith a business-class mobile computers and handheld device designed specifically to extend the benefits of RFID to wherever you need it, or a handheld Bar Code scanner, WiseTrack works with them all.

  • High-Powered Platform with best-in-class performance
  • Government-Grade Security over virtually any WLAN
  • Advanced Wireless Connectivity or Sync with a cradle and WiseTrack
  • Drop it, bounce it and they still work. Also IP65, commercial battery life, and world-class scanners.

WiseTrack works with a best-of-class mobile computer to assure reliable and dependable hardware to do the job right.  Sure you can look up and update assets with a Smartphone, but these units or rugged, and designed for the job.


W ithout a doubt, one of the most outstanding features in WiseTrack is the AppGEN Software and how you can build data collection programs without any programming knowledge.

Essentially pick the fields, (including your own custom fields) set the order and even build drop-down lists and pick lists.  AppGen and Mobile Computer make it easy to take inventory, performing an audit, managing asset moves or changes, or capture Maintenance data.

New Data Collection Routines can be incredibly complex or fantastically simple.

track your assets using mobile devices and WiseTrack

Start tracking your assets with WiseTrack Software.



WiseTrack Core is the centre of any Asset Tracking System. Using Features built into Core, you can make any custom data collection routines and as many of them as you like, then transfer them to any Windows Mobile Motorola Portable, running AppGen.


Learn more about best-in-class portable RFID Technology and how assets can be tracked without a line-of-sight to the code, and multiple items at a time, wherever you are.


WiseTrack uses Motorola Portable Computers. The devices and how they are configured, and supported are included in our best practice advice to performing highly effective Asset Management Projects.