Asset Tracking Questions and Answers

What Versions of SQL Server is Wisetrack Compatible with?

Wisetrack is compatible with the following 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft SQL Server:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express/Standard/Enterprise
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express/Standard/Enterprise
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express/Standard/Enterprise
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express/Standard/Enterprise
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
Does WiseTrack work with Windows Security, Single Sign-on Authentication

Yes, the data is secure in Microsoft SQL Server.  When using WiseTrack to access the data, the rights are assigned within the WiseTrack Application.  The software can be configured to pass your windows login token to WiseTrack so you don’t have to login to WiseTrack it will run automatically.   There are some steps within WiseTrack to associate your Windows User to the security roles/rights they have in WiseTrack and all this is documented and can be obtained from the Technical Support Department at TVL.

Should I use Bar Code or RFID?

There is a case for both.  Some assets may not require an expensive RFID Tag or when tracking stockroom items, one barcode can represent all items. Because RFID tags can remove the line-of-sight (or need to find the bar code on the asset so you can scan it), the process for taking inventory or tracking assets can significantly improved.    The best part of all is that WiseTrack can allow you to tag your asset/s with a Bar Code and/or an RFID Tag.   Many WiseTrack customers use a hybrid system where RFID tags are applied to high value assets or assets on-the-move.  Lower cost asset bar code labels can be applied to everything else.     Give us a call we have experience and case studies we can share with you on this subject.

What kind of Asset RFID Tags do I need?

We will approach this question by asking if you are you tracking assets and equipment or people? Then, we ask you to breakdown your assets into categories, such as, IT equipment, Furniture, Clothing, Tools, etc.    Then, we will ask if each category of assets is metal or not,  like tools, electronics, IT equipment, etc. We want to know about the size of the item and how the tag will be affixed.  When it comes to RFID Tags, in most cases, one tag does not fit all.  The WiseTrack Team maintains a comprehensive list of global RFID Tag Manufacturers, the properties, photos, and various test results on or off metal.   This information is free to all our customers and its part of our Best Practices Approach to Asset Tracking.   WiseTrack works with and tests tags from the top tag manufacturers in the world.  the goal is to group similar asset categories and acquire one tag for those assets.

How does RFID associate the asset with the user?

When you take an asset, a laptop for example, from an equipment room and pass it through an RFID check point,  the RFID Tag on the asset and the RFID Tag on the user are both recorded in WiseTrack.  We can increase visibility of the asset or personnel and the system includes advanced algorithms to know where assets are and who has them.   There are numerous low-level engineering tricks tested and proven in WiseTrack to manage this problem.  We have spent millions on the Research and Development of this issue and will be happy to talk further with you about them and send more technical whitepapers, when you contact us.

Do RFID Tags enable me to track an employee everywhere?

It could, however the system is meant to provide visibility of an asset and is not a tracking system.  As the asset passes a check point it updates where and who has the asset.

How are RFID Tags affixed to an asset?

Most tags have an adhesive backing for ease of use.  The residue from the tag will not degrade the equipment it is placed on.  It’s important to select and apply the correct type of RFID Tag for the asset.  Some tags should not be applied to metal surfaces, which can significantly reduce the read rate.

Are the RFID Tags always emitting energy?

No ,most tags that are used for asset management are passive and don’t emit anything until you pass a read point.

What kind of asset tracking systems do you have available?

We have several asset tracking systems and features:

  1. We have a bar code system that allows an asset manager who scans the equipment in and out.
  2. We offer a biometrics solution where an officer enters the equipment room and places his or her thumb on the scanner for identification. The officer, and then the equipment, passes through an RFID reader assigning the equipment to the officer by the equipment manager.
  3. We have a completely autonomous system whereby RFID readers are placed in a secure equipment room. As the officer walks into the equipment room and equips him or herself, the equipment is associated with the officer as he or she leaves the equipment room.
Is RFID dangerous to my health?

No. In fact, It operates on the same frequency as most police portables.  Because the RFID tags use the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, it has been proven they are as dangerous as the radio waves coming from your car radio or home wireless phone.

How do I adjust the signal strength of my RFID antenna in WiseTrack?

Click on the Extra box for the reader line you want to modify: If you wanted 1/2 strength you would type in 50, press Enter and click Set. 

For Example, 60*2-30*4-45 means antenna 2 is 30%, antenna 4 is 45%, all the rest are 60%