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WiseTrack Core Software – Windows Desktop Application

WiseTrack® Core Asset Tracking Software

WiseTrack® Core Software is the latest in Asset Tracking Software used to manage and track the assets you own and need to be accountable for.

WiseTrack is designed and tested with proven Microsoft® Technologies including Easy and Familiar Windows user interface designs and a Microsoft SQL® Server Database back end.

Built to scale, WiseTrack allows a virtually unlimited number of Assets, Locations, Asset Transactions, and details.  WiseTrack is designed to support multiple users of the system and can also run as a single stand-alone solution.

WiseTrack Core is time-tested and proven Asset Management Software.

The software Integrates best practices, database design, relational integrity, proper naming conventions.

Works with: Bar Code Technology, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Data Importing/Integration tools and is easy to customize for your specific needs.