track your assets using mobile devices and WiseTrack

AppGen – Asset Data Collection

WiseTrack® AppGen allows you to build & deploy custom data collection routines to your Windows mobile devices, without writing a line of code.

Enjoy the flexibility of defining which fields of data you wish to view on your device, the order in which the data fields are presented, and how to add successive asset records.

Build your own data collection routines on a PC, running WiseTrack® Core, and easily sync them with your scanner. There is no programming knowledge required, WiseTrack® does all that for you.

Several pre-defined routines come with the software for adding new assets, moving assets from one location to another, physical inventory, and maintenance.

You can make as many routines as you like, tweak the included routines to function as you need or build new ones from scratch.

Powerful asset data collection builder for mobile devices.