Law Enforcement and Police Equipment Checkout System

You decide how to check-out and check-in your equipment.   The process is flexible and can be different based on the pieces of equipment you have and the number of Members or Officers checking gear out.

  • Save Time by Always knowing where equipment is
  • Accountability of assets with a solid chain of custody
  • Easy-to-Use and Excellent Reporting

Start Tracking your Assets with WiseTrack®.


Equipment Officer Checkout

Assigned by ab equipment clerk to Police Officers and Members using either barcode or RFID scanners at the counter

Equipment Self-Checkout

Place the items on the table and all tagged items are read by the RFID Antenna and then you place your ID badge or enter your staff code to check out.

Equipment Realtime RFID Visibility

Hands-free Asset Tracking with no intervention required to take the gear out or in.  Just grab the equipment and go, it’s all tracked automatically in real-time including the tag on the police member.