RFID Readers and RFID Antennas

By integrating fixed RFID readers and antennas into your WiseTrack® solution, get instant visibility into your operations while reducing costs.  You can automatically identify, track and store assets with RFID tags.

RFID readers and antennas are easy to deploy, use, and manage.  Take advantage of the auto-discovery and application-specific set-up for ease of installation; power over Ethernet (POE) to eliminate the need for costly power drops; and advanced features for secure data transmission.

In combination with fixed RFID readers, these efficient antennas deliver high-throughput, high capacity communication, enabling organizations to capture, move and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity.

Antennas can be used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments making them ideal for nearly any WiseTrack® deployment.

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Start tracking your assets with RFID.