Police Inventory and Quartermaster System

Managing day-to-day inventory is simplified using an organized software system to manage inventory on-hand and what was assigned to an officer and when.  Easily track consumable items such as; batteries and USB drives, to rubber gloves and police clothing.

Quartermaster inventory is fully integrated with WiseTrack so it is easy to check out a T-Shirt with a carbine in the same transaction. The software will expect the weapon back but the T-Shirt is now decreased from inventory.   Conversely, if Narcan’s are not used, the inventory can be checked back into inventory.   It’s possible to track just about any inventory item a Law Enforcement Officer requires for the job.

Start Tracking your Assets with WiseTrack®.


Manage Uniforms and Clothing

Easily purchase, receive and assign clothing to members with full history reports.

Inventory and Stock Control

Manage SKU inventory items using existing UPC barcodes to track inventory on-hand and items signed out.  Professional reports included to show inventory in,out, on-hand and history.

Barcode Scanning

Quickly scan barcodes to receive, checkout or perform physical inventory counts