asset tracking with wiseTrack

WiseTrack® Web

Every organization knows it is crucial to track and manage assets which the business depends on.

After the small step of implementing WiseTrack® WebServer, you gain secure and scalable web-browser access.  WiseTrack® WebServer is a full-featured web application that is integrated with WiseTrack® Core while leveraging the latest internet technologies to help manage assets through their lifecycle.

The WebServer is built from the ground-up on ASP.NET, using modern web development methods, is robust, extensible and built to last, while remaining Easy-to-Use.

WiseTrack® WebServer is Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive, Flexible and fully integrated with the Asset Management Best Practices and Procedures.

WiseTrack® WebServer provides global access to secure and centralized asset management data, which can be accessible by departments, such as I.T., Asset Managers, Facilities, Accounting & Finance, Executives and members of the organization with rights to access the system.

  •  Professional Grade Web Application built on Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Customizable views of your data
  • Secure login and authentication

  • N Tier Architecture
  • Advanced and Customizable Searching
  • Improved User Experience with Cascading Style Sheets, AJAX and DHTML

Powerful Data Grid

A powerful feature in WiseTrack WebServer is the Data Grid which is used to display information in the layout you desire.

Much like a spreadsheet, the Data Grid allows you to pick and order the data columns and to save the view for others to use.

WiseTrack’s Grid Views are Fast and Lightweight and use custom paging to manage very large databases (VLDB). WiseTrack’s database optimization dramatically increases the speed and performance and reduces the load on the Server.

Customizing the data grid Custom Views will display a window allowing the selection of data fields and the order they should appear in the Data Grid View.

Custom views can be done on-the-fly and saved for use by others in the Enterprise. All configurations are saved to the Server, so they are immediately available to anyone with access to the system.


Search & Find Information

The searching option and the speed in which the data is returned to the Data Grid is impressive. The time-tested & proven Search-Tree Model in WiseTrack Core is also available as a full-featured component in WiseTrack WebServer.

WiseTrack WebServer’s Advanced Search Tree allows you to pick from one or as many fields as you like, and enter the criteria you are looking for. The Search Tree can allow multiple search options and can be customized to include only the fields you require.

Empower employees with quick and easy access to asset details, contract and financial information, maintenance and any notes.

Build advanced SQL queries in seconds and save them for others to use. Similar to Grid Views, the Search Tree settings are saved to the Server so they are immediately available to all users with access to the system.

Detail Asset View (Show the data fields you want)

WiseTrack® WebServer can display complete details from any item in the Data Grid. The Detail View is also customizable and allows you to pick which fields (from the database) you would like displayed in your Detail View. You can also set up the order in which the fields display in the form.

WiseTrack’s Security Settings are inherited, as they are stored on the Server; therefore, only the fields available to the user or Department will be available for configuration.

User-level security settings and data field access is setup and configured using WiseTrack Core Software. All settings are saved to the SQL Server Database and take effect immediately.

Build custom data forms by picking data fields from the SQL Database Tables, based on access levels set up in WiseTrack Core. Custom Views can be saved and recalled at any time.

Powerful searching capabilities and robust searching design allow you to find what you are looking for.


Web SQL Reporting

WiseTrack® WebServer incorporates Microsoft® SQL Reporting Server® which provides a server-based platform for creating and delivering traditional and dynamic reports.

Create pixel-perfect professional reports using familiar tools and interfaces. WiseTrack® WebServer ships with a number of professional asset management reports, which can be run from a web browser and exported to various data types, including PDF, TIFF, XLS, XML, HTML and delimited ASCII.

SQL Server® Reporting Service®allows you to design and deploy nicely formatted and interactive reports representative of your asset data. Create reports seamlessly with Report Builder, a full-featured authoring tool with familiar Microsoft® Office look and feel.

Get Professional results quickly by running the professional reports included or simply build and add your own.