Asset Management Implementations with WiseTrack and RFID

Asset Tracking Implementation

A WiseTrack® Implementation can be as simple as opening the box, installing the software, and tracking your assets. Our experienced team will draw on many years of Asset Tracking Implementations to work with our clients on customizing their WiseTrack® solution so that it works best for their situation.

There can be 3 separate phases to an implementation. After the project has been implemented, WiseTrack® technical teams will be available for questions regarding your newly installed WiseTrack solution.

We work closely with the implementation team so that they are aware of each client’s specific design and workflows.  All details are documented so nobody is ever in the dark.

Start tracking your assets with WiseTrack.

Phase 1: Project Planning and Design

Perhaps the most important step when it comes to deploying WiseTrack.®

An effective Phase 1 will always lead to a successful implementation. During this time, we work closely with the client’s business units and key stakeholders to define processes and align technology. In this phase, the database is prepared and such tasks; such as, creating naming conventions & preparing the system for data entry or import are completed.

Phase 2: Implementation

The big step in Phase 2 is installing the software and configuring the WiseTrack Framework to meet a company’s needs. Once the framework is stood up, the system is ready for data entry, or import, if there is existing data that needs to be included.

Phase 3: Training

Application training can happen in numerous forms or scenarios. Whether it be online via WebEx or onsite, in a classroom setting, the WiseTrack team will train, both admin staff and end users based on the specific processes designed earlier in Phase 1.