Corporate Asset Tracking for Asset Management in Business

Corporate Asset Tracking


iseTrack centrally manages the assets you have, where they are, the financial and maintenance details and who uses them.

WiseTrack helps manage your assets through their full lifecycle from the moment they are received into the system, through all the moves, adds and changes (MACs) right through to disposal using bar code and/or RFID Technology.

A complete package that does not break the budget and offers a reliable and tested solution for maintaining accurate asset details.

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iseTrack Enterprise Edition is ideal for companies with a large number of assets, multiple offices requiring secure and scalable Web Based Access.  There are a number of clients today with VLDB Asset Repositories built on WiseTrack and Wisetrack has proven to be more than efficient for our client’s needs now and in the future.

Larger enterprise clients can expect WiseTrack to be built on reliable infrastructure, to be highly scalable with an optimized design.  The software also can be configured to include roles based security, SSO and professional importing and exporting tools in addition to;

Scroll Down to view WisTrack Asset Tracking Components & Details.

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WiseTrack Components

WiseTrack® Core

WiseTrack® Core is the central part of the industry leading WiseTrack suite of asset tracking software. The Core Software is used by Small Business and Large Enterprises.

WiseTrack® WebServer

WiseTrack® WebServer is built on ASP.NET and can work on any a Web Browser: not requiring advanced configuration or setup. All user rights, access is based on our your security settings in WiseTrack as setup in Core.

WiseTrack® Asset Alerts

Asset Database monitor and alert/notification system. Automatically send dynamically created emails to the right people at the right time regarding key dates, advanced notification or when a qty is low.


RFID Readers and Antennas provide the leading edge method to track and manage Corporate Assets in Real-time. Learn about readers, antennas and how they can help to save time and increase efficiency.


Use mobile computers to equip your team with the devices they need to successfully track and manage company assets inside the building, off-site, or when performing inventories.


A tested and proven and cost effective way to tag assets and manually check them out or assign them to a department. Learn about the proper bar code tags and all the available fixed and portable Bar Code scanners to speed up data entry and virtually eliminate all errors.