RFID Asset Tracking Equipment

RFID Asset Tracking Hardware


W hen you want to save time and know where to find business assets, RFID asset tracking equipment connects to your network and updates information in real-time.

RFID Asset Tracking Equipment will automatically update the location and visibility of your assets in the WiseTrack Database.  With over 10 years of successful implementations, our Award Winning RFID Team understands the importance of quality and reliability to every RFID asset tracking solution.

RFID Readers

W hen it comes to RFID readers they are easy to deploy, use and manage with open standards-based reader management tools.

Each reader can have between 1 and 8 RFID Antennas connected to it, and can use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to eliminate the need for costly power drops.

Each time an asset is identified by an RFID Antenna, the reader automatically updates the database.

Asset Tracking with RFID in Universities and Colleges

RFID Antennas

W hen combined with fixed readers, indoor or outdoor antennas enable organizations to efficiently capture RFID tags in real-time.

The antennas range in sizes from compact (4” square) to larger high-performance readers for longer range reading applications.

RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

World leading RFID software & solutions by WiseTrack®.



Detailed information on fixed RFID readers and the high-throughput antennas used for tracking assets in Real-Time. With Real-Time tracking information, you will always know where your critical business assets are.


A critical success factor to any RFID system and one that should be taken seriously. We offer a range of expertise on RFID tags for the types of assets you are tracking. Tags on metal, plastic assets or in pockets or purses, all are mentioned in our RFID TAG Section.


Use mobile RFID readers to equip your Asset Tracking staff with the tools to update the location of assets, find missing items or to perform updates or changes on-the-spot. A variety of RFID devices and advanced software is available for mobile RFID Asset Tracking.


Connects RFID Readers to the WiseTrack Database. This RFID middleware software is industrial grade, always on, and connects to your readers and updates your WiseTrack SQL Server Database with real-time RFID tag data. It is a separate application to WiseTrack and is normally installed onto a Server or computer that is always on.


We provide a layered technical support approach so any problem can quickly be narrowed down to networking, hardware, software, RFID tags or configuration. From there we escalate to Help Desk or to Manufacturer National Support.


Gain visibility and business insight to the assets and equipment you own, where they are and all related costs. Save time and know where to find business assets. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment connects to your network and updates information in real-time.