Track stockroom and consumable items with WiseTrack

WiseTrack® Stock Room

The WiseTrack® Stockroom Module allows for the tracking of non traditional assets such as stockroom, inventory and consumable items. The WiseTrack asset tracking Stockroom Module can:

  • Receive Stock Room Inventory
  • Check Out Stock Room Items
  • Consume Stock Room items
  • Move Stock Room Items
  • Inventory your Stock Room items
  • Reports on Stock Room Consumption

Each type of item will have a unique code. Easily track items per location.

If you were tracking cans of paint you could assign various quantities to locations and check them out reducing the inventory on hand. If items are returned, you can check the quantity back into inventory thus increasing the inventory on hand.

The Wisetrack® Stockroom module is an essential piece for anyone wishing to add the ability to track there Stockroom or consumable items.

Start tracking your assets with WiseTrack Stock Room.

Reordering is no longer a roll of the dice

WiseTrack®Stock Room maintains Re-order levels and accumulated quantities, letting you know at a glance what needs to be reordered. In addition, Asset Alerts can automatically monitor and send Email notifications.


Tracking consumables has never been easier. Know what you have where, how many and who it is checked out to.

Get Control

Using stockroom provides visibility to consumable assets throughout your organization.

Use Motorola Portable Computers and WiseTrack to Manage Assets and Stockroom Inventory