Top 3 Benefits of RFID Asset Tracking For Law Enforcement

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Police Chief's Guide to RFID Asset Tracking

Top 3 Benefits of RFID Asset Tracking for Law Enforcement

Benefits of RFID Asset Tracking

Tracking police equipment has never been a like-to-have, it’s essential. RFID, when added to a well-designed solution, can assist any equipment manager to know everything about what they have and where it is. RFID is not new, but it is always getting better and the years of testing what works and doesn’t are what we want to share with you. Tagging equipment with RFID Tags can save time, increase security and automatically process data without ever touching the keyboard. The visibility into tracking and managing law enforcement assets has never been clearer.

Save time with an easy and well-designed equipment and inventory tracking solution

A well designed and highly customizable and secure database will organize all your equipment and inventory records. Easily import from virtually any system, select from template names or type in details. WiseTrack will allow you to assign the unique RFID Tag (like a license plate on a car) to any asset. Each time this tag is seen by RFID its data is updated in real-time.

Always know what you have, where it is and who has it.

Tracking Police equipment from Carbines and Tasers to expensive portable radios or Opioid response or Narcan kits is easy. RFID validates the chain of custody because inventory assigned to the officer is tracked automatically when in-range of RFID readers (installed at the doorways). This type of tracking and visibility makes inventory a quick process and validates the readiness of assets and equipment required. RFID can introduce a game-changing ease of use process for signing out and checking back in equipment.

A dependable solution with reliable data and reports

Built with database relational integrity, the RFID data is updated in real-time and all history or changes are tracked. A quick search of the database will show you the latest location where the equipment was seen, who it is checked out to or when it was sent to maintenance.

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