Benefits of Mobile Asset Tracking

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Benefits of Mobile Asset Tracking

Managing and tracking your assets in real time, while out in the field, is critical. That instant feedback saves you considerable time and money when searching for asset information.  Whether it is a full inventory, an update to a single asset, or just the need to look up information, this field mobility provides you with quick and easy access from devices other than your PC.

It simply does not matter where your asset is. Your assets might be in a warehouse, around the office, or even out on your trucks. What does matter is that you know where they are and what their status is. By using a mobile device, you don’t have to wait for the assets to come back to your receiving area to log assets into your software.

Imagine if you need to buy an expensive asset for a specific project and your team needs it now. In your current static model of asset tracking either that asset would need to come back to your office first to be added to your inventory or you would manage the purchase through some type of paper trail. Both of these options come with significant risks and costs in time and money.

With the mobile model of tracking assets, your team can add the asset from the point of purchase and add to your inventory in real time. Take it directly to the job site. Thereby saving you money, risk and most importantly time. Follow this asset as it moves from location to location and have instant access to important information at all stages throughout their life cycle.

This model, with its’ benefits of mobile asset tracking is available now and has become the standard asset tracking method for companies and organizations.

Mobile Asset Tracking TechnologyMobile Asset Tracking

While the business case and benefits of mobile asset tracking is straight forward and obvious, the required hardware is not. That is because of the sheer volume of mobile devices and computers and they all run their own browsers on different operating systems.

So what is the answer to what hardware should you use?

This really is the question to ask and it depends on how you plan your asset tracking workflows. With the many different devices, from mobile touch computers, to ruggedized devices to smartphones, there are a lot of options.

If you are tracking assets in harsh environments, maybe a construction job site, then you will want to consider a ruggedized device such as the Zebra TC 75 Touch Computer series. The TC75 is geared for mobile apps and bring the ruggedness along with an integrated bar code scanner.

Or maybe you have a smaller budget and want to use your inventory of Android smartphones. Depending on your choice of software, your mobile asset tracking software should work on all of these devices. On these devices, the built in camera works to scan asset bar codes.

Or maybe your job site is remote and there is no wifi or cellular signal. So you have zero connectivity. But you still want to perform an RFID inventory from time to time. No problem. With the appropriate software, the Zebra MC3190-Z Handheld RFID Reader you can instantly inventory all of your assets while in a remote location with no connectivity.

No matter what your workflows, there is a hardware solution to your mobile asset tracking needs.

Mobile Asset Tracking Software

WiseTrack® has introduced Mobility Server to its suite of products that bolts onto the WiseTrack® framework and allows asset tracking and management functions to be performed from virtually any smartphone or tablet.

The flexibility of WiseTrack® Mobility Server allows for the setup of scan routines that best fits your workflows and processes.  You also decide where your scan points are.

Just Like checking your bank balance, use your Android or iOS device to:
  • Search for Assets
  • Change Information
  • Update Inventory
  • Check Assets Out
  • Check Assets In
  • Run Queries
  • Attach Digital Images
  • Attach Documents
  • Check Key Dates

Learn more about WiseTrack® Mobility solutons.

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