WiseTrack® Wedge will be installed onto the Server and each RFID Reader will be configured to communicate with that machine.

With WiseTrack® Wedge installed, it opens up powerful inventory reconciliation features, including real-time updates from fixed RFID Readers when Assets are “seen” by the RFID antenna.

WiseTrack® Wedge RFID Asset Tracking

The WiseTrack® Wedge Software connects the RFID Readers to the WiseTrack Asset Database.  Wedge is a Windows Service Application designed to always be running and monitoring RFID traffic from an RFID reader.

Contact us for details on Real-time equipment tracking options with WiseTrack® & RFID.

WiseTrack Check-Out / Check-In with RFID in Real-time

Real-time RFID Asset Tracking with WiseTrack Wedge.