cross industry asset tracking solutions with Motorola Infrastructure

Cross Industry Solutions


he engineering and insightful design of WiseTrack® Software makes the possibilities almost endless.  Even though certain industries love WiseTrack, the software is easy to enable most asset tracking projects.

Here is why:  If you can write on it, stick a Bar Code on it, or apply an RFID Tag to it, WiseTrack can track it.  

We have clients tracking: shipping containers around the world, beer/wine kegs, sports equipment, uniforms, Movie Industry Assets, Military Equipment, Gas Containers, Livestock and even assets being used in space.

Chances are WiseTrack® is an affordable and customizable solution that may fit the bill.

What Do You Want to Track?


iseTrack allows you to start with a solid database foundation, and extend it by adding user fields of various types.  In addition, the data views, database queries, data entry forms, and even the handheld data collection programs can all be changed by you, without programming, to show/capture your data.

We invite you to tell us what's on your mind, and let our WiseTrack Team see if we can offer some proven technology to help you with your project.   It's what we do and we are always interested with new and exciting (what do you want to track) challenges.

Track virtually anything with WiseTrack.

WiseTrack Components

WiseTrack® Core Software

Visit the WiseTrack Core Page to learn all it can track, how completely flexible it is, and if you feel it can meet your needs. We already know it's built to last, scalable and extensible.

Bar Code Technology

This Section will explain all the technologies you can use to tag/label your assets and how to scan and capture the data with Mobile Computers.

RFID Tracking Technology

Find the right tag with the correct form factor and apply it to your asset. Use fixed or portable RFID Readers to capture the tags and update the database with batch or Real-time.

Perfect Integration

Our experienced team of Bar Code, RFID and Software Experts can help configure and build an interface or ways to harmonize information with other systems. We've done if for 1000s. We make it a perfect fit.

Portable Computers

Today, next generation portable technologies are transforming public and Government operations and strengthening the mission critical core with Real-time connections from Mobile Computers with your Asset Data. WiseTrack uses best of class Mobile Computers.