Asset Tracking Software


iseTrack is a professional and award winning Asset Tracking Application built on the Microsoft Infrastructure.  The Core Software Application uses Microsoft® SQL Server® Database and provides a familiar Windows Application Look and Feel.

SEE DETAILS:  WiseTrack® Core Asset Tracking Software.  

This is your place for Asset Tracking productivity.  WiseTrack is easy to learn and built with a well-designed asset database & Windows compatibility to assist with day-to-day Asset Management Tasks.  

WiseTrack® centrally manages asset details for; Assets, Locations, Users, Vendors, Contracts and much more, which is all organized in a central Asset Repository supported by Microsoft® SQL Server®.


iseTrack® Web is 100% web-based Asset Tracking and Asset Management Application you can run from virtually any web browser.  The Web Front end is a modern and feature-rich application that bolts onto the WiseTrack Framework, taking full advantage of the latest security features when accessing your data.  Easily Add Assets, Edit data or run Asset Management Reports from your web browser on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.  

WebServer provides global access to secure and centralized asset management data, which can be accessible by departments; such as, IT, Finance and Facilities.

Based upon the success and proven features of WiseTrack®, WebServer is a feature-rich Web Application that bolts onto Core and shares all the login credentials and Security Rights.

SEE DETAILS:  WiseTrack® WebServer is a solid and scalable Asset Management for Web Application, full of features and easy to configure. 


hen it comes to managing asset or tracking assets on-the-move, a variety of portable asset tracking devices work in perfect harmony with WiseTrack®.  Weather you are looking to use a rugged device on a wireless real-time network or a disconnected batch update model, WiseTrack can satisy the asset tracking data collection requirements. 

WiseTrack® Mobility Server will allow any Smartphone to access and edit asset data or to perform other Asset Management functions.

Mobile devices connected with WiseTrack® allow your team to keep the database current and up-to-date.  Portable devices can be used for; adding new assets, moving assets, Checking Out, changes on-the-spot, capturing maintenance details and so much more. 

Asset Tracking for Fixed Assets and Equipment with WiseTrack® Software.


WiseTrack® Core

WiseTrack® Core is the central part of the industry leading WiseTrack® suite of asset tracking software. Easy-to-Use and Powerful software to track; what you have, where it is, who's using it, all lifecycle details and more. Setup field and role level security, and customize the software to meet your needs.

WiseTrack® Webserver

WiseTrack® Webserver is an ASP.NET Web Server Application that connects to WiseTrack® Core and works with your main SQL Server Data. A highly scalable web browser based system with Advanced Features is what you get.

WiseTrack® AppGen

Track assets with wireless handheld devices using custom data collection programs you make yourself - without any programming. This tool allows virtually endless possibilities for data collection/updating with the Asset Database.

WiseTrack® Asset Alerts

Whether your stock is low or an asset is late or its warranty is about to expire, you need to know the status of your assets. Always be ahead with automated alerts or your assets.

WiseTrack® Stock Room

Keep track of your stock and consumable inventory with WiseTrack® Asset Tracking Software.

WiseTrack® ADS

Connect your Asset Management System to your Active Directory Service and harmonize Employees and Users with WiseTrack® - no more duplicate entries.

WiseTrack® Wireless Server

When you need to track your assets from anywhere, with Real-time updates, via WiFi or WWAN, WiseTrack® has you covered with Wireless Server.

WiseTrack® Wedge

Industrial Grade RFID software manage IP based Fixed RFID Readers and how RFID TAG data is received and updates into WiseTrack® in Real-time.

WiseTrack® Fleet Manager

Manage the Inventory of vehicles and the assets assigned to each one with this Easy-to-Use component using Bar Code and/or RFID Technologies with Mobile Computers and WiseTrack Core.

WiseTrack® OBD Interface

Real-time updates from vehicles using state-of-the-art On Board Diagnostics Technology and Wireless transmissions from the Car to network antennas near the parking garage. Manage trip data, engine notifications and more.


Advanced Software that bolts onto WiseTrack® and allow you to perform Asset Tracking and Management functions with your Smartphone or Tablet.

MISC. Modules for WiseTrack®

There are so many tools and modules, including Active Directory Integration, Web Services, Professional Importing Tools, Database Triggers/Procedures to Harmonize Asset Management Workflows, etc.