museum art and exhibition tracking software

Museum Asset Tracking

Museums, Memorabilia Facilities, Private Collectors, and Art Galleries can easily use WiseTrack® and RFID tags to quickly locate valuable assets which helps prevents loss and provide better visibility.

WiseTrack® organizes all your information in one spot and makes tracking the assets a dream at an affordable price.

You can dynamically display the location of assets overlaid onto custom maps which helps one know where they are, where they were before and who had control of them.  A variety of Bar Code, RFID and Lanyard tags are available used to track assets from diamond rings and movie props to carvings and paintings.

All the important data is secure in the Microsoft®SQL Server® Database, and WiseTrack® allows you to manage the information with a Familiar Microsoft® Windows® Desktop Application, from a Web Browser, Mobile Device or Smartphone.   


Keep track of your assets with asset tracking for museums.

Loss Prevention

Save time and money with the automated tracking of asset movement. Automatically get notified when an Asset isn't where it should be or if it leaves without an authorized person in proximity.

Provides Visibility

Know at a glance where your assets are, by searching from your PC., Web Browser, Mobile Device or Smartphone. WiseTrack® will track all visibility catchpoints and keep a transaction history of every place it has been. If an item is Checked-Out on Loan, the Software will automatically remind you of its due date.


Instantly know who checked the asset out and when it is coming back. Instant accountability.

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