Tracking your motorola handheld two way radios with built in RFID knobs.

Always know where your Motorola handheld two way radios are with the WiseTrack® Checkout RFID system and embedded RFID knobs.


New RFID Tags NOT Required

With embedded RFID knobs, you will be able to track your portable without applying new RFID tags. Instantly adding your new Motorola handheld two way radios to your inventory.

Serial Number

Use Built In Tracking ID

Don’t spend time adding new tracking IDs and serial numbers. You can use the built in tracking ID in your LID, ECOM and other Motorola handheld two way  radios.

RFID Check Out

RFID Check Out Solution

Create an absolute chain of custody for your Motorola portable radios. Use WiseTrack’s® Check Out Table solution to match users with radios using RFID knobs.

Easy and Accurate

  1. Place motorola handheld two way radio on table
  2. Confirm the asset is on screen
  3. Tap access card or enter employee number
  4. Done.

Track Your Handheld Two Way Radios With Embedded RFID Knobs

Track Your Handheld Two Way Radios In The Cloud
→ No Setup Time



WiseTrack Core is Asset Tracking Software built on best-practices with an Easy to Use & familiar Microsoft Windows interface. Learn more about the features and benefits in WiseTrack Core.


Use mobile computers to equip your team with the devices they need to successfully track and manage equipment and gear inside the building, off-site, or when taking inventory of the fleet assets.


RFID Tags are very important to any successful tracking solution. We help confirm the industry-leading tags designed for the job at the best value are available to you. Our extensive list of tag research and the in-house tag database is made available to WiseTrack Customers.


RFID Readers and Antennas combine to provide the leading edge method to track and manage Law Enforcement Assets in Real-time. Learn about readers, antennas, and how they can help to save time and increase efficiency.


A tested and proven and cost-effective way to tag assets and manually check them out or back into the equipment area. Learn about the proper barcode tags and all the available fixed and portable Bar Code scanners to speed up data entry and virtually eliminate all errors.


View photos from Actual Law Enforcement Implementations to see what RFID Antennas look like, their size and how they may be configured in your environment. These are real photos from actual WiseTrack / Motorola implementations.

Police Inventory and Quartermaster System

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