“The Wise Way to Track your Assets”

Track Assets, Equipment & Inventory using an easy-to configure solution including Mobile, Web and Desktop Apps for Asset Management.

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Easy To Use Asset Tracking

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Cloud Hosted Asset Tracking

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Asset Tracking Project Management

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Asset Tracking Scanners & Devices

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RFID & Barcode Solutions

Law Enforcement Asset Tracking

Track all of your Law Enforcement Agency assets. Critical and sensitive assets like electronics, weapons, evidence and even documents can be easily tracked and managed using WiseTrack®. Save time and money using RFID to track assets Checked-Out to Officers & staff.

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Corporate and Government Asset Tracking

Comprehensive yet Easy-to-Use Asset Tracking for small, medium and large enterprises. Track your expensive IT equipment, desks, mobile phones, and more with a best of class solution full of features and extremely well integrated with Bar Code & RFID Technology.  WiseTrack® allows you to track assets through their life cycle.

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Education and School Asset Management

These days with tight budgets and limited resources, keeping track of all your school assets is critical. Manage everything from your computer hardware to your sports equipment to your desks and chairs.

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Asset Tracking Clients


WiseTrack has a familiar and easy-to-use interface, asset management has never been so easy and effective. WiseTrack is a modern and flexible asset tracking program that is easy for everyone to use and comprehensive enough to satisfy the advanced user.  Type-ahead searching to eliminate incorrect descriptions and pop-up searching is available to make the data entry and searching simple.


WiseTrack provides a central source of information and the ability to easily customize the database. In one central area where you store all the lifecycle details of an asset; such as, purchasing, warranty, maintenance, physical location and other key dates or documents. All data is stored in SQL Server which is dependable, secure and built secure and to scale. "Gone are the days of sharing  spreadsheets".


WiseTrack Supports multiple fixed and mobile data collection technologies including Barcoding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or the need to use both at the same time.  Use Smartphones or Industrial mobile devices with your own easy to build data collection routines to collect and update your WiseTrack Database.


WiseTrack remains a front-runner with RFID and continues to push the envelope forward with asset tracking solutions using fixed RFID readers, mobile RFID devices and tested/proven Asset Tracking Tags.  Learn more about solutions for your RFID asset tracking projects.


WiseTrack is built using best-of-class technologies and is an extensible solution with an enterprise grade design and robust scalability.   The solution is highly secure, dependable and the award winning support and development team is a click or call away.


Access to detailed information on; Assets, Locations, Suppliers, Asset Users, Purchasing Details, Maintenance History, Attached Documents and Financial Details.   Included is the ability to add custom fields, user forms, build database queries or your own professional reports.